Coffee Post

From political elections around the world to your high on promises local corporater, from the biggest espionage to the robbery down your street, from the top five European leagues in football to the Ranji trophy, from Hollywood to the low budget local movie on YouTube. The world is talking, and never ceases to stop. You have 1440 minutes a day, out of which only 720 minutes comprise of sunlight, and you are asleep for at least 400 minutes. The rest you’re either commuting, eating, studying, working, or running errands. You are in the midst of 7 continents, 195 countries, 2.5 million cities, and 7.2 billion people. Feeling detached from the world due to your overburdened life? Well, have a cup of coffee. We are going to get your attention to the World, by bringing to you everything that you need to know, and everything that you want to know as you sip on your caffeine. From across the world to your coffee Post don’t cease to know what the World is talking about.