5 terribly annoying things men need to stop doing!

Ladies, you know those moments when you just let out an exasperated sigh and roll your eyes, thinking to yourself “Why can’t men stop doing that?” And no matter how much you love your boyfriend or that close friend, you can’t help getting extremely annoyed.

Well, here are ten top 10 annoying things men do, that women hate. And boys, if you’re reading, you better check yourself before you wreck yourself

  1. Man-Spreading

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“It’s really attractive how men spread their legs eight feet apart and take up all the space” said no woman ever. Busses, trains, flights… men have a habit of spreading their legs wide and sitting, hogging up all the space. Not only does this leave everyone else on the couch with no space, but it’s also not the best way to make an impression.

  1. Blaming it all on ‘the time of the month’

We all know how squeamish most men get when a woman mentions the word “period”. Now, we understand that it isn’t the most pleasant biological process, but it’s not like women control it. We could also pardon men for their lack of knowledge on the subject, only if they didn’t say “why’re you overreacting? Are you on your period?” during an argument. Even if a woman is on her period, or is PMSing, the last thing she wants to hear is that her anger is unjustified.

3)  Constant Denial

image source: quora.com
image source: quora.com

Men have fragile egos, and even the most beta male does his best to protect it. Men rarely ever accept their mistake, and/or apologize to be the “mature” one. They constantly deny any and every accusation, either dodging the blame, or having ready excuses. Boys, if you’re reading, this really doesn’t help resolve an issue, and instead just causes us to get angrier than we already are. It really wouldn’t hurt you to say “sorry” once in a while.

  1. Adjusting their junk in public

Men are often unabashedly adjusting themselves in public, and they don’t seem to care who they’re doing it in front of. They might play it right by not doing it when you first start dating, but once it forms into a full-blown relationship, all bets are off. If a man actually paid attention to how women around him felt about his inappropriate touching, he’d see women with their eyes widened, awkwardly looking away.

  1. One word texts

The dreaded one word text. Every woman has gotten one from a guy, and knows how annoying they are. You could tell a guy all about how you’ve had a horrible day, and his reply would be “damn”; or you could pour your heart out to him and he’d say “k”. These one word replies frustrate women immensely, because we like detail. We like to know what is going on in a man’s mind, or what he’s feeling. Seriously, guys, how hard is it to reciprocate some emotion?


One thought on “5 terribly annoying things men need to stop doing!

  • July 27, 2016 at 4:45 pm

    Touching our junk is a natural process like how women have that time of the month. It’s just not periodical. Well, the rest are true.


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