6 annoying things about girls

Nothing compares to the sensuous, seductive looks of a girl; the intoxicating smell of their perfume; the way their soft hands feel in your hand; the way those soft, luscious lips feel on your cheeks. There is nothing that beats it. They just have to show up in those shiny heels to get us swooning and sighing. It doesn’t take much for them to floor us.

But we all know how despite being God’s most beautiful creation, they can get to us with those annoying habits. Here are 6 annoying things about girls, they should stop.

  1. Pretending to be friend with girls and then bad mouthing them behind there backs.

Girls pretend they are best the of friends in front of each other and the moment they turn their back, the eye rolling start and some of them have perfected the art of eye rolling. They can do a full 360 rotation with there eyes triggering something bad to say about the other girl. Can’t you just not be friends with them? I promise it’s much easier.

  1. Using the phrase “Oh my god, I literally died”

No you didn’t, If you literally died you wouldn’t be saying it. Someone else might be saying it  “she literally died” but not you. Saying you literally died makes me wish you were literally dead though.

  1. When you assume you boyfriend’s a mind reader.

“What’s wrong?” we ask because we have no idea what’s going on inside your head. Tell us what is wrong, for once we might have the opportunity to fix your problem and be done with it. But instead those dreaded words “no it’s fine”. Which of course means read my mind you should know.

image source: pksmedia.com
image source: pksmedia.com
  1. Putting to much makeup on.

Are you trying to enhance your beauty or hide your face, we can’t tell the difference. I know I’m a boy and what do I know about makeup? But we should be able to recognise your face when you’re done.

  1. Turning everything into opportunity to take photos.

The occasional taking of photo is fine. We love to indulge our time looking at your beautiful picture. But if you take hundred pictures and post 99 of them on social media because all of them are just too good!!! It’s really annoying, and to top it all off they all come with tag lines.

image source: hercampus.com
image source: hercampus.com
  1. When she is too clingy or too independent.

This may seem weird, men don’t want their girlfriend to be clingy and yet they want them to be too independent. But it does make sense if you think about it. Some girlfriend wants their  boyfriend in their arms no matter what they are doing, from buying tampons to going out with their girlfriends. And on the other hand some girls wants to open the door themselves, get on top all the time and don’t bother calling even if they’re packing their bags to go on a trip in another state. It takes a bit of moderation to have a happy relationship. Lose the moderation and you’d end up being an annoying girlfriend.
-Jenush Singh


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