Addicted to Pokemon Go? Know the Mind Behind Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go
Pokemon Go
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Before getting into the back ground of the Creators of the game lets understand the game a bit first. Pokemon Go is basically an augmented Virtual reality game which utilizes a variety of features and technology that are easily available, for example GPS systems, Phone camera, etc.  The Camera usage feature as well as the GPS feature is basically the key behind this augmented reality as the game literally locates the Player on the GPS map and utilizes this feature to the fullest by allowing the player to catch different types of Pokemon depending on their location in real life let’s say for example if the player is in the middle of the ocean or close to any form of water body the player will only encounter water type Pokemon, this feature helps bring them to life as it provides them with certain habitats as well. The Camera function too although optional helps to increase such reality as it allows the Pokemon to seem as if it is actually standing, flying or swimming in front of you.

There is no One Man behind the game it is actually a fully working team behind it. Although the game falls under the ownership of Niantic Labs currently run by the former founder and CEO of Keyhole Inc. and current Vice president of Google’s Product management of the Geo division John Hanke; the concept of the game funnily was originally an April Fool’s Day collaboration of Google and Nintendo’s very own Satoru Iwata and Tsunekazu Ishihara of The Pokemon Company. Artist Dennis Hwang and Junichi Masuda the long-time Pokemon Series composer also played a large role in the designing of and the effects and ideas of the game.

Niantic incorporated many of the ideas it had previously used for another of its famous games known as Ingress into the New Pokemon Go game. The Game although being extremely buggy is considered to be the latest and the most interesting augmented reality game since Ingress, and will probably keep rising in trend.

John Hanke a Texas-born American, completing his Bachelors degree with a Plan 2 Honors from the University of Texas Austin, and completed his MBA at the Haas School of Business in The University of California, Berkeley. Before getting into business he worked in the foreign affairs for the US government in DC as well as Myanmar. He also helped start two successful Entertainment Software companies, Archetype Interactive and Big Network. He also helped work on an early MMO know as Meridian 59.
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