Are You Fed Up of the Public Transport Services too?

If you’re one of us who aren’t lucky enough to have our own set of wheels for whatever reason, you’re well-acquainted with the pain of travelling on public transport.


You’re exposed to all kinds crazy on public transport, and if you’re thinking “I haven’t really experienced any..” at this point, then it’s probably you. Public transport definitely has it’s uses, from being eco-friendly and time saving to being cost effective and giving a better connectivity, which is why it’s more practical to use it. Despite it’s pros, though, from late busses to never getting a seat on the train, public transport is bound to raise our stress levels, and fellow passengers do nothing to help it. So here they are- kinds of people on public transport, and annoying habits they have-

Playing loud music

It’s early in the morning, and you’re looking out the window. Despite trying to fight the urge to fall asleep, you’re pretty content, planning out your day, thinking about that test you have/important meeting, and just when you need to concentrate the most, the stranger next to you is blasting loud music which you can hear even through their ear phones.

Constant sniffing and/or sneezing

It’s not someone’s fault that they’re sick, and while you’re trying to empathize with them, their constant sniffing and sneezing does begin to get on your last nerve. Not only is it annoying, but also gross and unhygienic. It’s extremely unpleasant when someone is sneezing unstoppably, and it’s worse when they accidentally sneeze on you. If you’re sick, the best thing is to stay home!

 Chewing noisily

There’s always that one person who opens up a packed lunch box even when the bus/train is super crowded. And maybe the one eating doesn’t notice, but the stench isn’t one that can be ignored by all others. As if that wasn’t enough, he/she lets everyone around hear them eat every morsel by chewing with their mouth wide open. Whatever happened to table manners, or manners in general.

Blocking seats

Not just annoying, but it’s also very impolite, when someone stretches their legs out or places their bags on the seat adjacent to theirs, taking up space that could easily be used by another person. And it doesn’t just end there. After hogging up all the space, they either ignore anyone else wanting the seat, or reply rudely to shun them away.

Bad hygiene

Don’t think people don’t take notice of bad hygiene. It’s impossible to concentrate on anything else at all, when your nostrils are flooded with bad body odor or the smell of bad breath. It’s embarrassing, awkward and annoying when the person next to you smells that bad, whether the stranger hasn’t showered, brushed his/her teeth, or has farted.

-Saumya M.


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