BMTC bus strikes may give us holidays but at what cost?

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Isn’t love amazing? You see the trees greener, skies bluer, people more beautiful, animals more lovable and buses, well buses are busses. Love can change the way you look at everything, with this one eight-wheeled exception in Bengaluru.
When you board a BMTC bus, you are transported to a world of pessimistic ambiance. The seats on most occasions are displaced from the allotted space, torn to bits and bladed with names of disheartened lovers. You smell a stench almost with your first step onto the foot board and you’re surprised that no one else has any reaction to it. Routine travel makes you immune to it, I’d say give it a few months.
On the lucky days when you are gifted a seat, a momentary smile would adorn your face but not for long. The smile immediately turns into a frown when you see the red beetle nut leaf splash closer to your face than personal hygiene permits. The window panes are older than the bus itself, making vibrations and sounds unheard of in the 21st century. That being said, the seats are comfortable when the bus isn’t moving, when it is, you are likely to have problems with your digestion, backbone and neck.
If you feel all of this discomfort and still manage to plug your earphones in and rest. You’re in for another entertaining form of discomfort, Loud arguments. This is a very common happening in BMTC buses, be it between passengers or passengers arguing with the conductor. These arguments are loud enough to disrupt peace even with noise cancelling headphones on. These get violent seldom but often are lengthy and foul.
BMTC buses are on a strike for two days for a higher pay. A salary hike for the most inefficient working of an organisation. A higher pay for disregarding the importance of hygiene.
A higher pay for being corrupt with the tickets of school children. A higher pay for prioritizing the lesser used air conditioned buses over the more used regular ones. A higher pay for not adding the least bit of dignity to the public transport system of this city. Isn’t love amazing?
– M. Tayyab


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    July 25, 2016 at 5:31 pm

    So true! Can’t agree more to this!!!


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