Brand based validation of people becoming a trend?

Materialism Where Do You Draw the Line?
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“oh ! you have an android ? which company(brand) is it from ? ““Your dress is beautiful! Which designer?”  “  your computer is amazing bro ! how much was it for?”

Don’t you think that in this progressing world as we call it , the questions mentioned above are becoming more and more general ? The name , brand and price of things that a person owns is becoming a way for the person to be validated in the society . We can’t blame any generation for the birth of a materialistic and brand based thought in society but even I know  that when an eight year old says that they have an iPad the first thought in my head is “ what were their parents thinking ? “ .

It isn’t anyone’s faulty that the human life all over the globe is being influenced by the new innovative products that are available in the market. the people who don’t really believe in owning the advanced and expensive models of a well known brand eventually end up buying them just to feel accepted and be ‘ in the zone’.

We have so many pictures on the internet that sarcastically mock the emerging trend of owning expensive things and stating beautiful thoughts about the real experiences and truly matter in life, but let’s face facts, at-least once in your day you ask a person this question that pulls you down to the same category as everyone else- “which company is it from? “.

As the citizens on the new globally influenced world we do not lack the information and consciousness about the importance of the simpler and more intellectual things in life. We know that going for a stroll under the stars is more relaxing than sitting in front of the computer watching a kitten trying to ring the door bell.

It isn’t necessary to completely give up on the new technology. The gadgets and modern facilities are in our life to enjoy but they dint mean to over-power your connection with humane feelings or the society. It is important to stay intellectually connected to yourself, introspect oneself and your relationship with the people who matter most to you. We should do exactly that and use the new materialistic elements to enhance and enable such experiences.

Our world needs to realise that we created the materials and we rule them , they don’t rule our lives. The non living materials alone cannot provide the same warmth , love or self esteem that we can obtain by just looking the eyes of a loved one and feeling their appreciation. Now a few good ideas of involving new materials to enhance bong intellectual aspect in life would be when you listen to music while discussing life with your friends or video calling a friend who couldn’t make it to the girls day or even helping your mom cook a recipe that you found on your tablet. These show that the materialistic items can also combine technology and intellect.

They say that the smartest cologne on a person is intelligence and a connection to their most deepest emotions. A person pursuing the urban lifestyle can use the materialistic drive and yet make the most of it by developing the intellectual parts of their soul and character. A human leads an ideal  life when all the aspects merge together , not overpower one and other. That’s the aim , to strike balance and enjoy the most in life with full satisfaction.
– Nayanika


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