Does Independence really mean Freedom?

History shows us everything that our ancestors had gone through the years of struggle. The fight in India for independence is one event that the world remembers. Hundreds of movies based on the period of struggle and a hundred lessons we learn from the stories.

Ever since an Indian child can remember that they have been told “your ancestors fought for the freedom of the country. Their sacrifice and hard-work has enabled you to live life in such peace and harmony”. Yes, it is true that what they fought for was important and that our lives are so much easier now than it would have been in their era but one question remains… are we really independent?

The history shows us how the kings fought against each other and how the countries fought against each other to gain power but in this modern time we see how the people fight against each other, how religions are at quarrel, how the minds of people fight for freedom to express themselves and obtain their rights.

The world sees so many terrorist attacks and political rivalry still existing and many innocent lives in jeopardy because of it. The people of the world are judged and restricted till this date for many things intellectual and political. The decisions need verification to be legal or to be accepted in the world. Woman fight for equality, homosexuals fight for their rights, wrongly accused fight for justice and the helpless fight for freedom against misery. This is the 70th year of independence for India but there truly is no peace and sanity that was wished to be achieved by this time in the future.

The citizens are still in ruins, being controlled by the higher authorities and struggling for survival. In one way or another we say that we are free and independent but when you look closer we are independent in one way but bound and dependent in so many other ways.



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