Electronic-Sports is defined as multiplayer video games often played by professional gamers in competitive matches and viewed online via streaming or in stadiums around the world. In sheer volume E-Sports competes with all athletic events (Your.dictionary.com). From various parts of Asia to the concrete jungles of the United States, Video games offer great job opportunities to the people. For instance in China people take gaming to a whole new level. The government there has recognised video- gaming as a sport in the country. Most committed video gamers/ players are recognized well in their country, like the ‘Starcraft’ players in Korea and DOTA (Defence Of The Ancients) players in China.

So why can’t the second largest populated country in the world adopt E-Sports as a career option for the people?

Well poignant to say this but here are some reasons why it is still a challenge / it still faces challenges in India:-

  1. Any franchise to actually bloom requires investment. In the early stages of the last decade gaming had a decent growth in India. Games like Counterstrike 1.6 and FIFA made it big in the Indian market. People actually started to generate interest in E-Sports and participated in tournaments during the year 2004.
    The incident of the IGC (Indian Gaming Carnival) tournament held in Delhi was a major drawback for the future of E-Sports in India. Investors found it hard to invest in a dying field after this.
    The lack of investors resulted in the decline of the interest generated from the year 2011. The closure of the World Cyber Games (considered as the Olympics of Gaming) in 2014 was another factor that led to the diminishing investors in Indian gaming.
  2. With so much mud, E-sports in India are still finding it hard to maintain a reasonable number of gamers and fans alike. Moreover people have no to little interest in gaming these days. Why? Because the small LAN tournaments, the last sparks of gaming left in India give out ridiculous prizes like coupons and goodies instead of cash. Truth to be told a gamer’s life is a harsh life, it’s a “win it and get paid” life. Giving away goodies as prize is like depriving them of their pay. Plus the events are organised without much motives. They organise the events and that is it, it’s like a onetime thing. There is no consistency and it is why no one takes it seriously.
  3. The next problem is the awareness of the people. Almost the entire population of India does not understand the concept and the potential of E-Sports. Proper steps are not undertaken to promote gaming itself. Role of media is minimal and the marketing strategies are inferior compared to the other countries.
  4. Of the small number that are aware of the gaming Industry, most of them are casual players and do not intend to take the risk of investing their entire time in gaming. Problem is the thinking of games as a hobby instead of viewing it as a career.
  5. Most importantly, in a typical Indian society most people tend to stay away from trying something unusual and different which is not a norm in the society. And if you do intend to try your luck in E-Sports, your parents would find it hard to brag about your achievements to your neighbours and relatives. This sounds like it has been taken out from some stereotypical book but this still happens even in the 21st century. Plus having no moral support is a buzz kill for any profession

India as a country possesses the potential for the future of E-Sports but it does lack determination. It might take some time before it finally makes a mark in the Indian market. Truth to be told (being subjective here), I really want E-sports to be big in India just like in other countries of the world, there is a small hint for it to make a mark in Indian economy. At present there are a few believers who have been working so far to promote E-Sports in India for instance Check out the group ‘All About Gaming’ a community page on Facebook. Another thing that gives gaming a ray of hope is how the group has announced the 1st of August as The Indian Gaming Day where all gamers in India battle it out. I would not be surprised if my future grand children (if I ever have one) become a Gamer.



The story of E-Sports in India by Rahuldz posted on August 22, 2014.


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