Going through a breakup? Here are seven things you must avoid doing!

After a breakup we are all angry, sad, depressed and feeling lonely. But don’t let these take control of you, but rather try to move on. Here are the 7 things not to do after a breakup.

image source: thefix.com
image source: thefix.com

1.      Don’t indulge in anger.
After the breakup you are so angry that even your best friend is your enemy. Too relax and calm yourself down talk with a friend, write down or feelings or try some other way to release your anger. Don’t take it out on your friends, or family. And there is no point in being angry.
2.      Don’t blame your ex.
Once you start blaming your ex, you will start to blame yourself. In a relationship it doesn’t really matter who did it anyways.
3.      Stop second guessing it.
Don’t turn back to your ex. Just keep walking. Always trust the decision you have made. There might have been very good times, but don’t forget the reason for your breakup in the first place.
4.      Don’t ignore your mistakes.
Even if your the one to breakup, you are not perfect, everyone has there flaws. Take your breakup as a opportunity to evaluate the mistakes that you made in your relationship. This will help you approach a relationship even better in your future.
5.      Don’t bottle up your sadness.
If you want to cry, they cry. Crying really helps and also makes you feel better. You have to learn to let it all out. Set goals so that you can rebuild your confidence back.
6.      Don’t ever contact your ex.
If you are calling and texting him non-stop filling your ex’s phone with hate texts this is where you have crossed the line from being an ex to a psycho obsessive stalker.
7.      Don’t try to seek revenge.
Trying to make your ex jealous, hurt or making them feel miserable is going to do you no good. There is no point in revenge. Instead of wasting your time seeking revenge try to get a person who you can be happy with.
Follow these 7 things and this will help you and give you the peace you need. And regain your confidence back.
-Nithin Thomas.


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