Have a baby face? We understand what you’re going through!

Have a baby face? We understand what you’re going through! To all those who suffered with an acute case of cuteness this article is for you. Here are some of the common symptoms and some hypothetical solutions for your so-and-so concerned problems.

Symptom 1: “Oh my god you’re so cute

If you’re fairly acquainted with this term, then you most definitely face the chubby cheek problem. The words beautiful, hot or sexy are never used to describe you. No, those adjectives are meant for others while you are forever labelled with words used to describe babies and puppies.

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Symptom 2: “Ma’am can I see your ID please”

Oh the joy of having to verify in front of everyone that you are definitely old enough to enter that place. God forbid there was a cute guy standing nearby to view this humiliation! What’s even better? Seeing 16 year olds breezing in with no problem at all!

Symptom 3: “Your cheeks are so chubby!” *Pulls your cheek to irrational proportions*

This usually follows Symptom 1. I sincerely hope you don’t have too many relatives if you face this problem. After a couple of rounds from all those loving aunties you will probably need an ice-pack. Staying at home for a couple of days is recommended after the trauma you had to go through.

Symptom4: “So have you started high school yet?”

Not only have I started high-school (and graduated) but I’m also in college now. Highly irrelevant of-course because you might as well have been studying in Grade 6 for the past 8 years.

Symptom 5: *The much dreaded question* “Are you travelling alone ma’am/ Would you like a kids’ meal”

If you have travelled by flight alone this is a question you dread while moving inside the cabin. Honestly, I see no problem in kids ‘meal (they get all the good things!) but it is still an embarrassing question. Not just flights but any food outlets really.

Now I get that some of these questions are awfully embarrassing and just plain irritating. All you baby faces out there might be tired of convincing people of your age but every dark cloud has a silver lining yeah? Ten years down the road while everyone is trying to hide their age they will be envious of your young face. After all, you only miss something while it’s gone s suck it up, paste a smile and tell them for the 1976 millionth time that you’re 20 not 10.

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