Indian students spend more time than any other in school: Does it help?

Time to you with good music, a relaxed mind, good food and best of friends is something cherished by all and this is not exactly what kids dream about but some do. The vacations means relaxation to some and fun to some others, either way the free time children get is important to give them a rest from all the stress of school. They are burdened with projects, homework, competitions and assignments. The children have summer vacations that bring the joy to minds because it means free time, play and new adventures. Although the children deserve time out of the academic world, the vacation time differs for children in various countries.

Let us focus on the vacation time for the students in India. The students from kindergarten to grade four have two and a half months of holiday whereas the seniors have only one month to three weeks of break between transitions to new classes. Some schools receive holidays for Christmas and Dussherah which together take nearly three weeks more. So the seniors have around six weeks of break in between their academic year. When we compare this to the spring break that the American students receive we see a difference of nearly six weeks that the Indian students lack.

The Indian students spend the most time in school but they still face problems in getting admission in colleges abroad. Have you ever wondered why? The education system in India teaches students many things but focus on teaching the children how to succeed at taking the test rather than actually learning from the classes. If the student is good, they focus on taking in the knowledge and they actually pass because of the knowledge and don’t face problems in interview but those who just focus on writing exams may succeed in the exams but fail when it comes to the interviews at universities. This problem has to be solved and the people of India should now for once focus on the amount of knowledge the child has not just how much they score because trust me, that’s exactly what they prepare for.



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