Insomnia: A sleeping disorder that’s slowly turning into a dangerous habit

Any dictionary would define Insomnia as a sleeping disorder, a problem to have a peaceful night’s rest. It has become a trend among the youth today. At some point of their lives they have all had sleepless nights. Some exclaim night is the new dawn of tomorrow. Why is it a trend? What has caused them to breed such a disorder? Here are a few points that might explain the cause.

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  • Stress is a major cause. Either it be related to work, school or college, relationships and whatever reason that might cause stress, a disrupted sleeping pattern leads to stress, irritation and frustration. Tests and exams have always been the best motivators even for the slackers to pull off all nighters just for the sake of scoring better results. This act seems to be the major reason why most of the youth suffer from insomnia.
  • Too many distractions. While trying to deal with stress, people try to find ways to relax and engage in leisure activities like watching movies, series, most probably on Netflix. watch animes, read mangas, Listen to music, read a book, write or doodle or even try practising a musical instrument, during the night that is.
  • The rise of online gaming has increased the number of insomniacs among the youth today. How so? The difference in time zones in different places/countries/towns makes it hard for players to interact at the same time during the day.

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  • The timing is perfect. The eerie silence at night is sought out like a refuge from the noise filled world by many a youth. They prefer the dark because its “cooler, better and more exciting” to hang out at cafes, bars and pubs. What’s more they are struck by inspiration mostly during the night.
  • Most of the bike owners who are insomniacs prefer the roads at night because the roads are not jammed with traffic, the breeze is awesome and they don’t have to deal with the blazing sun.
  •  There are plenty of Job opportunities with high pay which requires fewer qualifications, such as job offers in BPO sectors, night shift jobs as bartenders and stewards etc.


The body of the youths are still developing; studies suggest that at least seven to eight hours of sleep is required for a healthy life. The saying “sleep is for the weak” seems all for insomniacs but truth to be told we are weak and we desperately need to sleep.
-Imlionen Longkumar


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