Its a stressful world out there, Here is how you can ‘De-stress’ yourselves and have some fun!

Today the motto of everything that lives and breathes is “Survival of the Fittest”, this motto goes for humans too (yes we are included; believe it or not). In today’s world some would see it as hard to believe that humans also follow the same motto, as we live in an age where technology has become a luxury that makes life easier. The hard work that most people undergo to earn these luxuries is generally ignored by many living beings (Humans especially under the age of 18). This article is mostly for those who work extremely hard just to earn these luxuries for a generally ungrateful house. Here are a few tips/things to do to relieve yourself from the stress you feel:


  1. Hobbies:


Find a hobby and practice it during your breaks or your free time and if your break is your free time then make cooking or baking your hobby, because cutting vegetables and beating batter for cake are great ways to take out your frustration. But seriously get a unique hobby that does not involve violence.



  1. Reading:


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Reading really help as it gets your mind off work and any other violent thought in your mind; it also helps to keep your blood pressure down so that you do not act out these violent thoughts. Furthermore reading may give you interesting insights on how to overcome stress or how to deal with stress, for example this article right here.

P.S. (Avoid reading ‘50 Shades of Grey’, surprisingly it does not help with keeping the blood pressure low, it does the opposite)


  1. Exercise:
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Although some may think that exercising supports/ fuels violent behaviour it truly is helpful, as it teaches discipline, balance and pacing; it also leaves people too tired to commit or conduct any violent act from stress.


  1. Travel:


Travelling helps to reduce stress as there is a change of environment to refresh the mind. Any kind of travelling helps be it long or short, a walk or a jog, maybe even visiting every floor or roof of the surrounding buildings. But…. make sure to avoid noisy and traffic filled roads so as to not further stress yourself or induce violent behaviour.


  1. Rest:


Non frequent breaks can help when the workload becomes too much to handle which equals to excessive stress and then violent behaviour. Furthermore while resting the mind cannot take on any extra stress and hence the chances of a violent out lash have been reduced.

-Damien Sangma


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