Nagaland: Things you never knew about this unique state of Northeast India

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  • Naga people love their meat: no matter what kind whether it be chicken, pork, beef or fish, Nagas will never back down from a non-vegetarian meal, especially pork when smoked. And any meat from the wild is believed to have medicinal properties. ( no stone unturned no insect spared)
  • The population of Nagaland is entirely tribal and each one is unique, they might have the common name ‘Naga’ but differ in language, culture and dress. ( 16-17 major tribes along with many minor tribes)
  • Today the Naga youths are mainly influenced by the Eastern culture rather than the western culture. If you have a Naga friend you might have noticed their craze about K-pop, Animes and Mangas. ( Kawaii)
  • Nagas are a judgemental bunch. Funny, friendly and reserved most of the time but don’t mistake their silence for modesty, they might be judging you from top to bottom based on your actions. (Ugh……just smile and wave, smile and wave.)
  • Music and Fashion run in their veins. Their fashion sense is commendable but very sensitive to vanity. They might be good singers or will either know how to play a musical instrument.
  • Most Nagas are Nicotine addicts. Not sure what reason is behind this but we can’t really help it. (Tea contains nicotine by the way).
  • If you’re friendly they will be friendly, if you’re mean you will be in their bad books forever.
  • Every Naga can cook (at least to cook rice and egg, instant noodles or make a cup of tea.). chilly is something you will find in any Naga dish ( thry love their chilliy.)
  • Nagas are known for their hospitality. Nagas treat their guests like royal subjects. (if you visit them, a cup of tea will always be ready for you.)
  • If you do have a Naga friend then these hasty generalisations won’t matter. Nagas value friendship a lot, it’s a sign that you have gained their trust and they will be ever ready to play their role in your life.
    -Imlionen Longkumar

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