The trauma an adopted child faces

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Having kids is the best thing that can happen for a couple. The love and care given to the child is so immense that it can’t be measured. But is the same amount of love an affection given to an adopted child? When a couple can’t have a child the only option for them is adoption. But has anyone imagined how traumatic can the child’s life be when the couple is blessed with a child of their own after adopting a child?

It can be a very painful situation for the child, when he/she gets to know that they have been adopted, but what’s even worse is to live with the step parents torturing the child. It can be physically, mentally or emotionally.

According to some psychological research there can be various symptoms like:

-Feeling depressed or particularly irritable for most of the day.

-Diminished interest in activities that used tube enjoyable.

-Significant weight loss or gain, and/or a change in appetite.

-Changes in sleep pattern.

-Noticeable increase or decrease in motor activity (others notice that they’re slower or more agitated than usual).

-A general feeling of fatigue or low energy day after day.

-Feeling worthless or excessively guilty on a regular basis.

-Indecisiveness, or an impaired ability to think or concentrate.

-Suicidal thoughts.

These kids might feel they are alone in this world, but no. There are lots of ways that they can be helped. They can be suggested to attend counseling sessions which are really helpful. And also other ways too.

We should know that adopting kids are to give them a happy life, to give them a family so that they can feel they are not alone in this world. They are also capable of love and affection. They too have feelings. So next time when someone plans on adopting a child think of them as your own child and not as a stranger. Love them like you mean it, and you’ll get the love and affection 10 times more than what you love them.
-Nithin Thomas


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