Running out of Hobbies? Here’s one that people have forgotten

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Hobbies are basically regular activities that are done for the sake of enjoyment during our leisure time. They can include from collecting items, playing sports, crafting, artistic ventures and all. Among these activities one has deemed the title of King among the lot.

Stamp collecting is an interesting hobby. It was started by a lady who pasted stamps of varying sizes and denominations on all of her room walls. The initial problem of collecting pay for postages led to the printing of stamps to be affixed on the letter. Collecting stamps is a hobby where the number of collectables seems to never end. Stamps are a way for countries to advertise their uniqueness; their value depends on their rarity.

Stamp collecting has no age barrier, anyone can become a collector. If one wishes to take up this hobby a few basic equipments will be needed. A stamp album or a stock book to store the stamps, a stamp tong to handle the stamps safely, stamp hinges to attach the stamps to the pages of the album, a magnifying glass for viewing.

Many people make a living out of this activity even the postal offices who sometimes print stamps merely as collectibles. The value of stamps varies, the rarer it is the more money it costs or fetches.

A random philatelist/ stamp collector collects stamps at random, a thematic collector collects stamps based on their themes, and their collections are always eye catching,  and a specialised collector is  a patience collector of stamps of a particular country, more or less a fanatic.

Alas the king of hobbies has lost its power in the 21st century where postal services have degraded with the introduction of the internet and the genius inventions of social Medias. Hundred years ago children and teenagers compromised most of the world’s stamp collectors, the energy and enthusiasm that was felt has disappeared. Next time when you’re bored, when your cell phone dies, search the house for some old letters. Who knows you might enjoy collecting stamps or you might get lucky and find a rare stamp. Give the king a chance, a stamp might change your life.
-Imlionen Longkumar


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