The evergreen debate on Goku vs Superman, answered very sensibly.

History cannot trace back where or when it all began. When the fame of the Wonder boy from the west clashed with the rising golden ape from the east. Fans and otakus alike still fight a raging war to figure out who is the strongest and the better of the two. Is it Goku the Saiyan or Superman the Kryptonian. An otaku’s answer and his justifications are listed below.

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  • Goku and Superman both have a similar story. They are both aliens on Earth; in terms of strength both seem equally matched. The only difference is that, Goku was trained and taught martial arts by his earthling grandfather Gohan. Superman on the other hand relies on brute superhuman strength alone, he seems to lack the discipline that Goku was taught.
  • Hard work, dedication and intense training were what made Goku who he is, given the fact that Saiyans grow stronger after every battle. While Superman was born with his powers, he did nothing to gain them.
  • Everyone has to eat to sustain themselves, Goku is no exception. He is a major foodie who eats like a man (respect) but never in any Superman episode or comic has he ever been depicted to have ever eaten a morsel of food.

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  • Goku was the son of a common warrior, this background adds more effect to the story of the anime, and on the other hand Superman has a royal lineage of sort. His fame on earth does not seem like a big thing.
  • Goku has seen both Heaven and Hell and still lives! No other character so far has ever done it. No comment about Superman here.
  • While Goku is a devoted husband to Chi Chi and a decent father to his children, Superman has a list of lovers starting from the prominent Lois Lane, Lana Lang (teenage girlfriend) and recent speculations of a story with Wonder Woman.
  • Lastly in huge battles Superman’s fights always include Lois Lane being saved by him while he destroyed numerous skyscrapers, roads, cars and what not, not sure if people were injured or killed. Goku on the other hand thinks about the people’s safety, he knows it might cause a lot of damage if he fights, every fight he fights is away from civilization. There is destruction but of huge mountains, rocks and what not, the audience are pretty sure no human gets hurt. That’s common sense people!
    -Imlionen Longkumar

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