The might of YouTube in the Internet world

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Standing as one of the most popular entertainment website on the internet, YouTube has made a name for it and is now the most frequently visited site for sharing and watching videos. The platform has become a necessity in the lives of people for entertainment, news, gossip or events. YouTube now holds a large number of viewers of more than fifty million from all over the globe. The website has made itself a network channel that showcases the thousands of youtubers and acts as an employment company.  It isn’t a shock that a platform with such high number of viewers influences the lives of people in every way.

The website displays news from sources worldwide that show people videos of all things happening in reality and keep the people updated and acts as a place where these are videos are stored and can be viewed at any time. This makes it useful to the people in behaving as a source of information and prospective. This influences the people to deal with the situation of the surrounding. The videos also raise awareness amongst the viewers and encourage them to take stands against the bad energy in the society. Every video can cause an effect on the people and they have an impact on the lives of the people. They can motivate people from the motivational videos that enhance the positivity within a person and help them make a better life, the educational videos can help the students attain knowledge and prosper in their lives and in workplaces if they need help.

The entertainment videos can ease the mind of the viewer and help them have light, clear and happy mind or even just make them laugh. Either way the videos on the website affect the lives of people. The website often creates a negative vibe by creating false rumours and inappropriate content of the videos but it isn’t always the case. Those videos that cause a problem can be avoided but as the problem of every platform it has both positive and negative impact on lives.

It has started to form a new base of a modern lifestyle that is being carried by the present generation and supported by the others.



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