Who is more ignorant? The media or us?

Media: VanH
Media: VanH
Image Source: boredpanda.com

Everyone knows the answer to the question “What takes up most of the time on television? ” , they are the advertisements . The most irritating yet the most influencing part of the television shows. The advertisements are of different kinds in different channels, in different languages and for different motives. It becomes clear to most people that the advertisements and media are profit based organisations that are paid to increase the awareness and popularity of a specific product, franchise or cause. Media as we know it was only intended for the awareness of different interesting products but now they have a wide range from the useful to the completely useless areas as well.

Yes, the basic idea was to commercially promote the products in the market so that the people know their options but it has turned into a profit making business and promotes all the products that harm the environment either directly by their use or indirectly by their production process. On the basis of a company’s ability to advertise and promote the product , their supply increases and hence requires the set up of larger factories and higher input of raw material which in turn leads to the higher amount of chemical waste generated by the industries.

The process of manufacture of products is definitely a hazard to the environment directly but even after the product is produced and bought by consumers, some of the product’s lavish packaging that comprises cardboard. Paper, plastic and wax become waste which is not really reusable excluding the cardboard. The attractive advertisements persuade the buyers to buy excessive items than necessary forgetting that they may be causing harm. The media promotes the products for profit and includes celebrities just so that the people maybe influenced by them.



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