The ugly truth behind Hollywood

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Hollywood, the land of dreams, a place where every aspiring artists wants to end up in. But is it really as great as its glitzed out to be? In this article we take a brief peak into the not-so-glamorous side of Hollywood.

The first and foremost one would be the high expectations they bring out. Women especially are subjected to the ridiculously high standards of the actresses out there in the industry irrelevant of the fact that it’s all airbrushed and photo-shopped. Men too are no less threatened by such standards.

While we follow the fabulous lifestyles these stars follow, we also take joy in their downfalls. It’s sad how another man’s misery is highly sensationalized into news.

Celebrities have a penchant for getting into trouble, whether intentionally or unknowingly is not known. It could be a PR stunt, or it might just be a big terrible scandal. The whole thing makes it difficult to judge any celebs honesty, even the most tragic events are seen with some bouts of suspicion rather than evoking sympathy.

Of course there’s also the heavily publicized good celebs gone bad, Miley and Justin to name a few examples. Not really the most ideal stars to look up to. It’s also the mishap that celebrities get into that gets the limelight more, what sort of an example does that set for the viewers?

There are also much darker aspects into the industry which will not be dwelled into. There’s enough here to at least remove the star-struck gaze we have on Hollywood. It’s not as great as it is hyped up to be.

Everyone wishes to look up to someone. So why not someone who appears to have their life put together in the most splendid way? What we forget is that most of them have been living under the camera for too long. They’re actors and the viewers only see what they want us to see.

-Leah Liz Jacob


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