Watch out for this new app that is going viral after Pokemon Go

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After the release of the app “Pokemon go” there is a new app that’s going viral. Prisma an app that converts any of your taken photos into complicated work of art. The app was created by a Russian programmer Alexey Moiseenkov. Ever since the app made its debut, it has been leading Apple’s AppStore ranking in Russia, Estonia, Kazakhstan, Latvia, Moldova, Ukraine, and Uzbekistan. Which also means that it is beating huge apps like Whatsapp and Instagram according to an app research website.
The filters available in this app is just no ordinary filters. They won’t add any glow to your skin in perfectly-setup selfies, nor will they make the backgrounds of your landscape photos really pop. These filters will change your images into artworks using the styles of famous artists like Picasso or monk. There are many filters that is of ornaments and patterns too, like Mondrian.
At the moment there are 33 filters available. According to some research the filter algorithm of prisma uses a combination of conventional neutral networks and also artificial intelligence. It just doesn’t apply a filter, but rather scans the data in order to apply a style to a photo in a way it works and also impress. The app was said to be only available in the Apple store and only to support in IOS but now that has changed and the android users can download the app from Google play store. People might forget about Pokemon Go for a while.
-Nithin Thomas


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