What’s it Like to be Trapped in the Head of an Introvert???

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Classification and categorizing of the populace has always been a trait of the people. The concepts of introversion and extroversion were popularized by Carl Jung a Swiss psychiatrist and psychotherapist. Reserved people are termed as an Introvert because of their inward nature, extroverts are the total opposite.

The typical introvert is a person (obviously) characterized by his/her awkward behavior in social situations. Their levels of excitement about the existence of other people are barely a minimal. Spending alone time is one of their key traits along with daydreaming, over thinking and being stress victims.

Most introverts occupy themselves with Solitary activities such as reading, writing, sculpting, fishing, painting etc. They believe to gain more from such activities as compared to those associated with socializing. Introverts are not to be mistaken with shy people because of the previous statement. They differ; introverts find socializing fruitless most of the time and choose not to while shy people find it as a challenge to socialize.

The introvert in today’s context appears as a class which can thrive in the current competitive society. Because they reflect upon their thoughts, prefer to observe rather than to participate, they tend to tackle activities one at a time systematically rather than to multitask. Introverts understand and analyse before they speak. They value trust. They are the examples of perfect opportunists. The only problem is Society misjudging introverts; talents and energy of introverts are not utilized.

Introversion is neither a hereditary defect nor a psychological defect. Terming oneself as an introvert does not make one an introvert, It’s the choice that a person makes while dealing with people. So to say a person has both traits of introversion and extroversion; neither can exist as a single entity. The choices made decide which dominates the other or balances both traits (ambiverts).

So what is it like to be an introvert today? To live and enjoy life like any other person would except for the part of being called an introvert based on the choices we make in life.
-Imlionen Longkumar


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