Why you need to start carpooling right away!

Have you ever seen a class in which every child is physically and medically fit and suffers from no problems what-so-ever?  Statistical studies show that one out of every five children suffer from asthma or weasing problems, especially in the urban areas. Even though the parents work full time, they still take the kids to the doctor and take care of their health. Have they ever thought that if they just took a small step today fewer children would suffer from these diseases tomorrow?

I’m sure that almost every family in the city of every country have at least one car. Sometimes when we ask children “Do you have a car in house? “We get an answer “yes, one for my dad, one for my mom and one for my elder brother or sister so that they can travel to work faster “.  In a family of four we find three cars and despite this the parents ask “can anything cure our children of respiratory problems?”  Maybe the real question that they should be asking is “Do we really need to use all our cars on daily purpose?”

People don’t realise that their luxury and comforts are causing troubles in their own families or in the families that they may know. The excessive use of cars are not only causing the exhaustion of our natural resources but also poisoning the bodies of the citizens of the world. We all know the basic cause for air pollution and the harmful effects that it causes on the environment and the humans but we still seem to ignore all of that knowledge when it comes to question of sacrificing our comfort.

To be a little more exact and on to point let me explain the scientific reasoning that will make you think twice before starting your individual car engines.

  1. Every time a car engine has started and used unburnt hydrocarbons, carbon monoxide, nitric oxide and small particulate matter.
  2. According to the Central pollution control board, particulate size 2.5 micrometers or less in diameter (pm2.5) are responsible for causing greatest harm.
  3. If inhaled can cause respiratory damge and inflammations and damage to the lungs and premature deaths.

The most effective way of reducing individual transportation is to opt public transport or the popular method of carpooling, where colleagues from the same office travelling at the same time can share vehicles instead of using their own cars. Let’s face it we all have seen a big car stuck in a traffic jam in which there is just one person seated. Now that’s inadequate!

The rising popularity of carpools and cab services is being recognised and opted by most offices and IT firms all across the globe. It is one of the most reasonable and effective way to reduce excessive pollution in current times as opting for expensive catalytic converter engines is not possible for all sections of the society. Keeping in mind the vast range of options the most effective one in use is carpool services. Carpool services are proving to be helpful for the society and reducing pollution.

In certain states even auto rickshaws and taxi’s can be shared by a few people. This has been going on for ages and is definitely an example for carpooling in olden day. Whether we realise it or not the trend of carpooling has been going on for a long time without any specific recognition but as trends kept increasing , so did the comfort zones. School buses are another example of carpooling in tradition for a very long time. If we can send our children in school buses and avoid extra transportation then why can’t we apply the same rule to ourselves and opt for carpooling and do the same.  Carpooling not only helps to reduce pollution and help our environment but it also makes travelling fast and flexible But most importantly it’s easy, affordable and safe.

Carpooling is now a trending factor in India but it has been taken up on a global scale for a very long time.

  1. Europe has its own website for carpooling facilities in every country and every district that can be booked by anyone.
  1. The United States environmental protection agency office of air and radiation had started their carpool incentive program in november 2005 .

An exciting development in India regarding carpooling has just started to take roots by the poupular cab services, ‘MERU CABS’ , which has decided to make a carpooling platform in Mumbai .This is a major step for such a highly reputed company of the country to take this decision and make every citizen aware of the availability of an easy solution for their contribution to environment and society.


The international modes of public transportation help the evironment by the setup of subways ( under groung trains) and trains ( above ground) which avoid carbon emission as they are powered by electricity . In india although metro and trains exist , they prove difficult to show any help in convservation of the evironmental purity due to the large population of the country. Carpooling helps people to rest after the long hours of work by avoiding the tension of driving on the busy road . It helps people to get to know their colleagues  and interact more often .

The basic needs for a person to be healthy include the air that they breathe . carpooling avoids the use of large number of cars and hence reduces he carbon emissions from each car . It is an effective way to help the environment and the people of earth . The only difficulty is initiation and awarness of a small impact .

We should strive to do our best and make benefits of all the available opportunities that we have so that it becomes easier and healthier and safer for the people to live in the country without fear of being affected by any major disease.Every car not running means a child living their life healthy. Let’s strive to care for ourselves, our family, our environments and the future of the human race to have healthy lives without difficulty in the most basic thing that everybody needs… ‘TO BREATHE’. Take a small step now that can make a massive impact on the society and the earth later on.
-Nayanika. M


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