Why you should move on from that break up


Yes, it can indeed be hard to move on from a break up, every time you try to move on bitter-sweet memories of the past remind you what you’re missing. What’s worse you will have people come in and ask you how you are doing and give you some mellow dramatic speech as to why love is a pointless emotion with no sense of direction.

Although, it is an interesting question, why should one move on from a break up? Is the fact that he/she is never coming back the only reason? No, it shouldn’t be.

In English Love has just one word but in Greek it has four Agape (God’s love), Philia (friendship love), Erose (romance), and Storge (compassionate love). Four words, was it present in your relationship? There are plenty of fish left in the sea is not a cliché phrase, it holds true. Keep peddling don’t let the storm stop you from riding across the mountains for it’s after the storm that we see colors across the sky. And that rainbow is of a promise that you will never be the same again, that you have come out stronger ready now fully to meet the woman or man of your dreams.

Lance Armstrong said once that pain could last for an hour, a day, a week or even a year, but eventually it will subside and something else will take its place.

Heartbroken? Depressed? Lost in anguish? No, smile it’s just the beginning.

-Demetrius Jacob


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